Lantern Festival Fire Show to be the Biggest and Brightest Yet

Lantern Festival 2017 – Reignite the Light PR 2


Friends of Victoria Park Lantern Festival 2017

Re-Ignite the Light!

Lantern Festival Fire Show to be the Biggest and Brightest Yet

Get ready for the biggest and most spectacular fire show St. John’s has ever seen! Coordinated by Danielle Knustgraichen of The Spinsters, in partnership with Cirque’letics and The St. John’s Juggling Club, the brightest up and coming circus artists in St. John’s will present a show like none other at the 2017 Lantern Festival. Audiences will be amazed by a variety of performers, from circus enthusiasts to highly skilled professional artists, working together to manipulate flaming props from torches and staves to hula hoops and fans, with dazzling aerial acts by the Cirque’letics performance crew in between. Some of the most unique acts featured in this year’s show range from illusions by flow artists using props such as the fire meteor (a skill toy of Asian origin made of weighted rope) and levitation wands, to a fire eater costumed in a whimsical array of live flames and an artist suspended from aerial chains. This show will combine artistry and physical prowess to give festival goers a truly unforgettable experience, while uniting performers from Cirque’letics, On the Glo Circus, The Spinsters, The St. John’s Juggling Club, The Flameingo Family Circus and Wonderbolt to produce a truly collaborative showcase of our region’s top talent.

“This is going to be the most talked about Festival in St. John’s this year” says Michael J Evoy, the Chair of the Friends of Victoria Park. “I am thrilled by the group of talent assembled for this year’s fire and light show – You do not want to miss this one” added Jeremy Earle, lantern festival lead and FOVP board member.

The Festival starts at 2pm on Saturday, July 29th in historical Victoria Park and ends with a beautiful glowing lantern installation at dusk followed by the Fire Show Spectacular.


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