Victoria Park Lantern Festival

Public Lantern Making Workshops

Public Lantern Making Workshops

There will be no public Lantern Building workshops this year (2016). Workshops will resume in the summer of 2017. See you then!

Each summer, we host lantern making workshops for the public in the Victoria Park Pool House!

During these workshops, we will teach you how to make your very own lantern to carry during the lantern parade on the night of the Lantern Festival.

In 2015, the festival is scheduled for Saturday, July 25th (with a rain date of Sunday, July 26th).

Everything you need to know:

  • The workshops take place twice per week, beginning in early to mid-June and┬ácontinuing until the Thursday before the festival. They are always in the evening for 2 to 2.5 hours.
  • Location: Victoria Park Pool House. The side of the Pool House facing the park (more specifically, a field) is covered in bright graffiti art. The door will likely be tied open; if it’s closed, we’re still inside, so just open the door with AED painted on it. Sometimes we keep the door closed because it is cold during the earlier workshops.
  • Cost: Free. Donations are gratefully accepted. We provide all supplies and all instruction.
  • There is a project for everyone! Glass jar lanterns can be finished in one session; for this reason, they are perfectly suited for little ones and for those who are only available for one evening to make a lantern. Balloon and bamboo lanterns take at least 3 sessions to complete; for this reason, they are best suited for older lantern makers (younger children very often get bored during the first session). Please feel free to speak with any of the staff at the workshop to discuss the perfect project for you!
  • Please keep the date of the festival in mind when making your lantern. Lanterns cannot be started during the week leading up to the festival because there will not be enough time to finish them (except glass jar lanterns). All lanterns MUST be picked up on the last Thursday before the festival; otherwise, they may join the lantern installation.

About our workshops

The workshops are held at the Pool House in Victoria Park. These workshops are open to everyone, regardless of lantern building experience.