Victoria Park Lantern Festival


Make a donation, make a difference.


If you love what we do, please consider giving the Lantern Festival a donation. Friend’s of Victoria Park, our parent non-profit organization, has a PayPal account!

When making your donation be sure to add a special instruction like “Lantern Festival” to earmark the funds for Lantern Festival projects.

Donations to the Lantern Festival go towards our workshops (materials such as bamboo, tissue paper, white glue and wire), performances (supplies such as costumes, masks, fuel, special lighting and audio equipment rentals) and to the Lantern Festival’s Special Projects Fund, which saves money from this year to give to next year’s festival in the form of new and exciting projects, such as 2012’s Starry Nights workshop series.

Of course, you can donate in our donations bins at public workshops and at the festival if you prefer. Thanks! Every little bit helps.