Victoria Park Lantern Festival

Last Public Workshop (Thursday)

Come finish & pick-up your lanterns

It’s almost time for the Lantern Festival, and that means that this Thursday (July 25th 6:30pm-9:00pm) is the last public workshop!

You must finish and take home your personal lantern preferably by the end of Thursday night’s workshop at 9:00pm.

If you leave it at the Pool House, you risk having your personal lantern ear-marked for the Lantern Installation or perhaps even having it adopted by another lantern maker. So get down to the Pool House and finish what you started. We want to see you in the procession with your lantern.

There will be an emergency repair table on Saturday afternoon, so if you have minor things, you can finish it home or at the emergency repair table.

Other ways to get your light on are to build a tin can lantern at home or attend the last chance glass jar workshop on festival day.

Get your light on now!

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