Victoria Park Lantern Festival

Puffin chick finds way home

Puffin parents happy to reclaim their baby bird

Puffin lanterns: youngster and mother. Young puffin is reunited with mother in 2012.

After the just hatched chick disappeared mysteriously in 2009, Lantern Festival staff and volunteers looked high and low for the little bird, but it was never to be found. Everyone thought it was a goner. Amazingly, the youngster has against all odds managed to follow the moon back to Victoria Park, the place of its birth, to be reunited with its parents. The young bird is now in full grown-up colour, happy to be home and perhaps ready to find his or her own mate.

Come see the puffin family glowing in familial bliss this Saturday evening at the 12th Annual Lantern Festival in Victoria Park.

three puffin lanterns: mom, pa and chick still in egg

Proud puffin parents look over egg as chick hatches at the 2009 Lantern Festival.

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