Victoria Park Lantern Festival

Pool House

Our Public Space

The former Victoria Park Pool House provides a multipurpose space stewarded year-round by the Friends of Victoria Park and shared by the Lantern Festival, Victoria Park Day Camp, St. John’s Juggling Club and, most recently, the Folklife Festival.

“For more than 20 years, the St. John’s Juggling Club has been meeting every week, sharing performances and laughter. We’ve been a part of the Lantern Festival for a while now, organising the fire dance part of the festivities. Sharing our skills in circus arts – fire poi, unicycling, diablo, acrobatics, juggling and many more magical skills – is a lot easier to do when we’ve got reliable and free access to a good basic practice space like the Pool house.”

Aaron McKim, Co-Founder, St. John’s Juggling Club

Please contact us for more details about how we share the Pool House.