Victoria Park Lantern Festival

On Festival Day

Activities in the Park kick off at 2:00 pm on Festival Day with a line-up of live music, workshops games, community booths, face painting, a glass jar lantern making workshop and other entertainment.

At dusk, the crowd swells. Following a mass lantern-lighting in the lower Park (usually around 8:45PM), the Scruncheons Percussion Ensemble or the Signal Hill Tatoo strike up to march at the front of the public parade of hundreds of lanterns. The drummers lead everyone to the top of Victoria Park to enjoy the massive lantern installation there and the spectacular fire show and performance on the ball field below.

After the wonderful fire show and performance, visitors enjoy the quiet glow of the lanterns that have been carefully hung and secured in the installation. There are small ones and big ones, round ones and square ones. There are creatures of many shapes and sizes and, of course, there is practically a milky way of stars. The lantern installation is the beautiful result of awesome team work and months of community lantern making.