Victoria Park Lantern Festival

About the Lantern Festival

Public Project – Public Art

The Lantern Festival is a public project. Victoria Park is the canvas for the festival, and the festival highlights the historical and natural features of the park, including the annual daylighting of buried Bennett’s Brook with a river of glass jar lanterns. The sheer number of people who attend the festival and enjoy this vital urban space after dusk is astounding.

St. John’s best kept festival secret

Now considered one of the most colourful and multicultural gatherings in St. John’s, the Lantern Festival begins with months of grassroots planning: steering committee meetings; partner and volunteer recruitment; train the trainer sessions; fundraising; and staff hiring; not to mention the public lantern-building workshops, special events and outreach activities in the summer weeks leading up to Festival Day. Every effort has been made to keep our events accessible to everyone so admission is free or by suggested donation. We take every opportunity to reuse materials for our projects – in particular, we’ve re-purposed thousands of glass jars that are not currently collected recyclables in our community. We also seek out and try to do our part in mutually-supportive partnerships with other creative non-profit groups operating on a shoestring here.