Victoria Park Lantern Festival


We re-use & recycle in a big way


Ever Green Recycling

FOVP has an account at Ever Green Recycling depots ( You can give to the Friends of Victoria Park just by dropping off your recyclables at an Ever Green depot near you.

All you have to do is tag your bags and boxes with our name, Friends of Victoria Park and leave them to be counted. The refund deposits will then be tallied deposited in our account. We will use your donations to run our programmes and events in the park.

Re-using – other materials we accept

Besides your recyclable beverage containers and bottles, here are some other materials that we will gladly accept:

  • Wide-mouthed glass jars (i.e. Mason or jam jars) – with or without lids
  • Large yogurt, margarine or ice cream tubs – with or without lids
  • Clean stirofoam food trays (make great paint trays)
  • Clear plastic containers WITH screw on lids
  • Large plastic food buckets with or without lids (i.e. beef buckets and honey buckets)
  • Large plastic and metal cooking oil or olive oil containers
  • Clean, unused PVC piping of any diameter and length
  • Ethernet and Telephone wire, computer and other wire/cables
  • Unused galvanized steel wire, any gauge
  • Wooden poles or dowels or old wooden broom handles

We use these materials for making glass jar lanterns, bowls for our glue, hanging apparatus for our lanterns and building creative storage units. We also use some of these materials in our arts and craft activities in our summer day camp programme.

You can drop off these materials at the Victoria Park Poolhouse when we are open for workshops and other events, or call (709-576-1545) or email ( to schedule a drop-off appointment.